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We are all about wellness.

Human beings have always been interested in feeling good, and living well.  

Nothing new about that, as can be appreciated by anthropological and sociological studies.

Since the beginning of time, plant products have been used for medicinal purposes.

The various parts of the plant - flowers, seeds, buds, leaves, stems and roots - have been recycled into tinctures, oils , balms, powders, resins, and many other forms.

Such is the case with the cannabis or "marihuana" plant.

After years of experimental and investigational studies, many essential benefits have been discovered and are now directly attributable to the cannabis plant.

Most significant, is the fact, that quality of life can be improved for many different conditions such as cancer and various treatment side-effects, seizures, AIDS,   Autism, Parkinson's, PTSD, Traumatic Encephalopathy, MS, Crohn's and several other critical ailments, including opiate addiction, insomnia, depression and many others.

Wellness is achieved through education, balance and control.

Florida growers set up for cannabis production


The passage of new legislation regarding the use of cannabis for specific medicinal indications, has served as a motivator for growers in South Florida to set up appropriate conditions to face consumer interest and surging demand.

Certified physicians are required to order the required medical protocols, and the medical cannabis can only be acquired from a registered, authorized and certified dispensary.

Most important factor is quality control that will determine the potency and effectiveness of the products provided to the consumer/patient.



Health = Balance


Health as in life, is based on balance!

Learn how to manage:  nutrition, lifestyles, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalance, acute and chronic pain syndromes, anxiety, depression, and  other affect disorders, post traumatic brain injuries, autoimmune disorders, weight management, sex drive, and a wide variety of conditions that require medical guidance and management

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For the general information, there are various HEMP and CANNABINOID derivatives that are available to the general public, that do not require prescription; however, medical grade products are always recommended so that the potency and quality of the product can be determined to be constant and well controlled.

For those products that do contain THC, a dispensing/ordering physician is necessary.  Physical evaluation and review of all medical record and pre-existing medical conditions by a certified physician is mandatory and necessary before identifying the need and qualifications of the requesting patient




Support for legalization is increasing all over the USA.  None the less, under federal law, "marihuana" (cannabis) is still one of the most strictly controlled substance in the country.  

 FDA- Food and Drug Administration has mistakenly classified cannabis as a Schedule I substance, similar to heroin.

There is nothing in common between heroin, morphine and such substances and 

THC -tetrahydrocannabinol.


As of this update, the following states have legalized "recreational use" of marihuana:

WA, OR, NV, CA, CO, VT, ME, MA, D.C.

Several other states have now approved the medical use of cannabis:

MT, ND, MN, AZ, NM, AR, IL, OH, WV, PA, MI, NY, and most recently FL.