CBD/THC Alternative Treatments

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The more we learn about the real value of CBD and THC in the management of several chronic conditions, the more we are likely to actually seek these two phytochemicalss (plant products) to help alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life for many individuals with all sorts of afflictions.

It is documented in scientific literature as well as in lay print, that cannabinoids do not cure any diseases per se, but they are very instrumental in assisting individuals with chronic ailments to lead improved day to day functioning and over all improved well being.

CBD - cannabidiol - derived from the HEMP plant, is widely appreciated for it's anti-inflammatory properties, and thereby helps relieve discomfort and actual pain that many individuals deal with on a daily basis associated with conditions such as arthritis, post-operative pain, and other pain-syndromes that may realistically not require prescription drugs but up to now have not had any other alternative available.  

THC - tetrahydrocannabinol- derived from the MARIHUANA plant, has other qualities that may potentiate the effects of CBD when used in different combinations.  Although THC is most widely known for its euphoric and psychoactive potential activity due to it's SATIVA component,  it is also capable of inducing relaxation, and different levels of relief due to it's INDICA component.  

The endocannabinoid system functions throughout our body, in the brain for sure, but its also involved in the immune system, muscular system, vascular system, digestive system, and in many glandular (endocrine) functions.  Our body responds in general, to  neuro-transmissions or messages that the brain sends out throughout our body to engage the many functioning systems to perform their specific tasks and helps maintain the homeostasis or balance in our bodies.

We are waking-up to the many potential benefits of these phytochemical optional treatments and their assorted medicinal qualities, and more and more research is now producing better scientific evidence of these qualities.  The opioid crisis has catapulted these phytochemical products into the commercially available supplement markets, where many individuals are able to get relief and improvement of their chronic conditions without having to deal with prescription type drugs.

Addiction, overdosing, respiratory arrests, vascular collapse, drug-related cardiac events, liver disorders, anxiety, depression, insomnia and many other physical ailments may benefit from the use of CBD/THC keeping in mind that it is not an exclusion of other pharmacological needs, but a complimentary approach to the care and management of the individual and the individual's very personal needs.

Stay informed, find out all you can, about the benefits of these natural plant products.

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More and more states are now legalizing the use to cannabinoids in the management of several chronic conditions such as: arthritis, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hyperactivity disorders and many others that previously were being managed by prescription drugs.

As the national scene changes in regards to the acceptance of cannabis for it's many possible "medicinal" applications, the spectrum for the use of CBD (cannabidiol)  derived from HEMP plant, as well as its near relative THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) derived from the MARIHUANA plant is ever-enlarging.

Almost on a daily basis, more and more information with the backing of now available scientific research is being released to the public for consideration.

CBDf and THC are suitable alternatives to conventional prescription drugs for many chronic conditions.

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